Read what students and parents have said about Mrs. Lamb.

Student 1

"Sometimes I don't feel like playing piano, but when I come in and practice with you, I always come out with a smile."
- R.C., female piano student, age 9

Student 2

"The first time I saw you I knew you would be a FANTASTIC piano teacher! And I was right, you are FANTASTIC!"
- R.G., male piano student, age 7

Student 3

"Miriam is a great piano teacher. She's taught me so much about piano. She makes playing piano so much fun, and I highly enjoy it. I can play so much better with the techniques she's taught me. Miriam's also given me a lot of advice. I couldn't ask for a better piano teacher!!!"
- J.W., male piano student, age 11

Student 4

"I definitely think I have learned a lot in the past two months from Mrs. Lamb. I loved all the music she picked for me - each piece challenged me to sing better. I really enjoyed the voice lessons - thank you!"
- B.W., female voice student, age 16

Parent 1

"Miriam is a professional piano teacher who has handled her studio in a detailed and organized fashion. She has kept my daughter progressing through training books, but has also introduced her to judged performance. Miriam has set reasonable/attainable goals for my daughter and her playing, and thus given them both reason to celebrate with a job well done. Last but not least, is Miriam's ability to provide numerous approaches to learning. She continually monitors my daughter's learning/playing and adapts assignments and opportunities to help her progress. When my daughter began memorizing her music and playing by ear, instead of reading and following the written material, we worked together to identify practice exercises to address the problem. This communication is unique and definately personal, and sets Miriam above the other teachers available."
- S.B., mother of female piano student, age 8

Parent 2

"If the world had more dedicated teachers like you, it truly would be a better place. Thank you for opening so many doors for J. and believing in him as much as we do!"
- L.B., mother of male piano student, age 11

Parent 3

"So many people have been absolutely awestruck by M's performances. I wish you could see how confident he is and hear his rich voice harmonizing beautifully. You made such a difference!"
- E.B., mother of male voice student with autism, age 20

Parent 4/Adult Student

"Miriam Lamb is a thorough, organized and gifted teacher who communicates with her students well. In the short time we were able to take voice lessons from her, I saw progress made by myself and my daughters (ages 11 and 16). She selected and ordered enjoyable music for each of us which I appreciated. I would definitely recommend her as a vocal teacher to students of any age!"
- K.W., adult female voice student and mother of female voice students, age 11 and 16


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